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The Beginning

4-U-Nique Publishing is the brainchild of up-and-coming author Vid Lamonte' Buggs Jr. The idea of 4-U-Nique Publishing was conceived when several publishing companies contacted Vid with interest in publishing his writings.  However, Vid realized that by publishing with a traditional publishing company he would have to give up creativity as well as control of his writings.  Soon he realized that many authors who wanted to publish their own work were discouraged from doing so due to the challenges of independently finding reliable editors and advisors. 4-U-Nique Publishing was created so inspiring authors can receive the proper resources to help with their publishing endeavors without having to publish with a publisher if they choose.

About Us

You have a story to tell, and here's where you bring it to life. 4-U-Nique Publishing is an innovative publishing house dedicated to providing breakthrough solutions that enable our clients to elevate their brand. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of advising, editing, marketing, book setup, cover design and other publishing services.

Our clients include Business owners, Authors, Artists, Musicians etc...

Our Vision

Hard Work, Dedication, Love, Passion, and Results...  These are qualities that separate an individual and a business from the rest of the crowd. These ingredients are imperative to our work, our team and our clients' success.

Our mission is to provide inspiring authors, artists, and musicians with the proper resources so their publishing dreams can become a reality. Whether you choose to publish with or without 4-U-Nique Publishing, we deliver the most unique innovative, cost-effective services supporting a wide range of client specific needs.
We look forward to creating, developing and working with new clients while exchanging ideas and turning challenges into solutions.

We strive to guide, educate, inspire and be unique.

A native of Hampton, Virginia whose main goal is to spread motivation, inspiration and love. His work serves to encourage others to look past their differences and focus on uniting to make the world a better place.