Vid Lamonte' Buggs Jr.

Vid Lamonte’ Buggs Jr. is a native of Hampton, Virginia whose main goal is to spread motivation, inspiration and love. His work serves to encourage others to look past their differences and focus on uniting to make the world a better place.

He currently resides in Tampa, Florida serving his community as a youth sports coach, mentor and motivational speaker, as well as community activist. While we all face challenges in life, his philosophy is that perseverance, positivity and a heart full of love will enable us to rise above our struggles and become the instruments to spark constructive societal change.

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Nicole Mayor

Nicole S. Mayor currently lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah, with her husband George and two children. She served seven years in the United States Air Forces. She worked for a brief stint as a political aide, but chose instead to be a full-time home educator to her kids. She received a BA in international relations from the American Military University. Nicole continues learning by reading as much as possible. Traveling, books, and overseeing the education of her children are her passions.

Nicole Mayor



K'BANA BLAQ is a creative being who allows his gift to flow in all areas of artistry. He is a singer, model, photographer, designer, CEO and now author. K’BANA is a military brat who has traveled to many countries. His travels provided him with a diverse array of experiences, which serves as his inspiration.

His mother, to whom he lost due to cancer, is his greatest influence. She was a fighter and a warrior during her battle. Her faith in God is what left a lasting impression on K'BANA.

Happiness is a choice, especially in life. We'll have days of complete bliss, but then we'll have days where we just want to give up.

K'BANA's mission is to heal the world through his talents - one person at a time. He wants to make his family proud while instilling that same drive in his niece and showing her how to never give up on her dreams.

“This book is the beginning of self-discovery with no end.  Letting life be a fantastic journey instead of a graveyard of potential.”- K'BANA BLAQ



Alesia Johnson Sargent

Alesia Johnson Sargent is a native of the East End community in Newport News, Virginia whose main goal is to spread motivation and awareness of depression and addiction. Her works serve to encourage others to speak up and look beyond the stigma attached to mental illnesses. She currently resides in Yorktown, Virginia serving her community as a writer, an artist, and a mental health activist.

Alesia J. Sargent


Jarray Davis

The youngest child of a career firefighter and educator, Jarray was afforded all the necessities a child would need to be set-up for success. Starting life at the all-Black private elementary school, Hampton University Laboratory School, gave him a sense of direction he possibly may not have otherwise experienced. However, once elementary school was over and Jarray was subjected to negative influence, he took to it like a fish to water. It would take years and dire consequences before he was able to reclaim that same sense of direction he possessed as a child.

Jarray is currently a Maryland resident, a husband, and father of four. He has made a name for himself as a hospitality professional over a period of ten years, having risen through the ranks from cleaner to general manager within the first four years. Jarray is also a speaker, mentor, and author of "After Attraction: Relationships Are Simple, Right?"

Jarray Davis

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Walter "Walt-Leon" Davis Jr.

Walter "WALT-LEON" Davis Jr, is a Hip Hop artist, poet, spoken word artist, community activist, and public speaker from Hampton, VA. Walter loves influencing others to become better than they were the day before. He refuses to allow people who are around him to settle for less than their worth or potential. Mr. Davis is a firm believer of, "If you transform your mind, you will transform your outcome”. Walter is an active member in the community. His community performances promote positivity by helping others to change their negative thoughts into positive possibilities and hopes.

“See A Life, Touch A Life, Change A Life” - WALT-LEON



Kevin Bates

Kevin Bates

Kevin Bates a devoted reader and writer. As a kid his mother brought him into the world of words. Kevin learned words shared correctly through can be very powerful. Bates hope is to share his poetry with the world, so we all can come to peace and understanding with each other.

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Yahya Muhammad

Yahya Muhammad was born in Bronx, New York and raised in Washington, D.C. by a single mother. From an early age, he always felt the presence of God in his life, even while living an ungodly life. As a teenager he found himself serving a life sentence due to circumstances and more accurately – bad decisions.

While incarcerated, Yahya traveled the road to self-development. He submitted and committed himself to the spiritual guidance of Minister Louis Farrakhan. One day while studying a lecture, he learned that in order for man to justify his existence within the world – he must be a producer.

Yahya is now free amongst civilized society. He is enjoying his life as a father, entrepreneur, and an example of God’s ability to redeem.



Owen Watson

Owen Watson resides in Newport News, Virginia with his wife Ramona.  He served a combined 29 years in the United States Navy Reserves and the United States Navy.  Owen is currently the Office Manager of Project Management Solutions Group, LLC located in Hampton, Virginia.  Although he holds a few academic degrees and has received military awards and decorations, what he cherishes most is humbly serving others according to the will of God.

Owen Watson