Book Layout

Planning and precise execution of the layout of a book is very essential for any book's success. The audience needs to be able to easily follow the context of your book. Our professionals will help you create the best layout for your book. Our design specialists' mission is to ensure your book’s layout is well organized, visually pleasing and consistent with the highest standards.


Committed to making the eBook creation and publication process easy and affordable! At 4-U-Nique Publishing, we specialize in making ebooks from printed manuscripts and can convert your PDF or Microsoft Word doc to eBook format!

Marketing Services

Marketing is an important element that can turn your masterpiece into a success. Most begin their marketing only after their project is finished. However, highly successful projects are being promoted before the project is completed. Once your book is published, you'll need help with marketing and publicizing your book. Our experienced marketing managers collaborate with you to formulate marketing plans that will help sell your book. Our marketing services include: Marketing Consultation, Social Media Platform Basics and Website Design. 


Editing and Proofreading

Our editorial professionals will assess your manuscript so that it receives the highest level of editorial assistance. Work alongside a skilled developmental editor or writing coach to polish your composition, complete a manuscript you have started and learn advanced skills needed to take your writing to the next level.


4-U-Nique Publishing allows our clients to breathe easier while we simplify the publishing process.  We provide high-quality publishing services and packages that produce more value than you will find anywhere else.  At 4-U-Nique Publishing we treat every client and project uniquely.


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